about us

We're experts in the field, and got lived experience.

Our mission is to support victims of fraud through practical support,
mental health support and education/training.

We want to offer a ‘one stop organisation’ for everything associated with catfishing and emotional fraud, from victims with an individualised 'Care Package', to public bodies, media and other organisations.

Working on the ground with victims means we have a direct and immediate insight into new trends and current situations to remain informed and educated around every area of this crime.

This will eventually house everything needed nationally and potentially globally for victims and organisations. This organisation should be the ‘pioneer organisation’ for other global organisations to come to and follow.

Who are we?

Meet the founders

Anna rowe


Founder of Catch The Catfish and subject matter expert. A victim of catfishing for 14 months by a lawyer in the UK, leading a double life with a fake identity. Have provided support and education for over 5 years for victims of online initiated emotional fraud.

Cecilie fjellhøy


She got the international publics attention after she starred in the Netflix-documentary “The Tinderswindler”, that became the streaming services most viewed of all time.
After the release she has become a spokesperson & activist, sharing her experience and insights on fraud and resilience around the world.